Wednesday, November 17, 2021

 New Digital Work November 2021 

I was asked to be a part of a project that started this serried for me. Primarily focusing on the spiral for many reasons mostly personal to me. The spiral represents evolution and growth of the spirit. It is a symbol of change and development, which I have been going through over the last year or so. These times are difficult with everything that's going on in the world, so delving back into art has been s savior to me. MY language as it were. Please enjoy and comments are welcome. 

                                   “Blue Circles within a Blue Circle “ Celebration to Saarinen.

 This piece is called “Going Green” about saving the planet..  

This piece was a study on putting colors together. Out of this came the other spirals. 
     " Spiral 1"

                                       " Spiral 2"

                                     "Spiral Three" 
"Spiral Four" 
"Spiral Four"

I never know what’s going to inspire an idea for a piece. I work at a high school and observe romantic exchanges between adolescents at times. I read an article and out of it came this piece. Titled after the name of the paper. “Chains of Affection”.  “The structure of Romantic and Sexual Relations at “Jefferson High School “Each circle represents a student and lines connecting students represents romantic relations occurring within 6 months preceding an interview. I didn’t include numbers the pattern was observed. There were however 63 pairs unconnected to anyone else.

                           “Chains of Affection “ 

                        "Colored Rectangle Spiral"     


                           “Colored Rectangles”

"Colored Dots"

                      “Sunflower” Phyllotactic Spiral 

“Blue Spiral” 
"Cracker Jack Spirals" 

                           “Black and White Spiral”

                                  "Optical Piece"    

Playing with Repeating Patterns 


"Retro Spiral" 




Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Work Digital 2018 - 2019 © Copyright Cal Navin

Current Work 2018-2019 

GM Design Mural Contest

August, 2018 - GM Technical Center

I was honored to have had two of my mural designs selected by design leadership for the new design structure. 

40" X 30" 
Digital Drawing

This is a digital drawing of a carton I found when I demoed my upstairs bathroom, circa 1958. I remember drinking Sealtest milk as a child. When I found this carton, I was drawn to the nostalgia of it, also the font of the carton. Back then fonts were hand drawn, I loved the carton and just had to draw it as part of my Detroit series.
Note: 3925 Tillman Ave is no longer there. Sealtest has been out of business, the land is vacant and torched.

Sealtest carton found during demo.. I just love the font! 

"Spiritual Blockage" 
"22" X 22" 
Digital Drawing 

"29" X 19" 
Digital Drawing 

"25" X 18" 
Photo Montage
This piece was the first photo montage collage I've done in sometime, a departure from the Detroit series. I had started to build layers upon layers in my Detroit series, but now, I started to see objects as interest to me. Photographed singularly or combined with others to tell a story. The first of many to come, new work. 

"Liberty Three"
"29" X 19" 
Digital Drawing 

"28" X 18" 
Photo Montage

"Girls Night" 
"28" X 18" 
Photo Montage


2019 © Copyright Cal Navin  

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2015-2018 Exhibitions Past, Current and Upcoming

GM Holiday Show Design Gallery, Technical center. Dec - Jan 2019 

"Project Green Way" Design Gallery, VEH Engineering6.25.2018 - 8.16.2018 
Sustainable by Design: GM’s Global Design Center Turns Waste into Works of Art:

“Project Greenway,” as it came to be known, was one of the most engaging art competitions in the Design Center Gallery’s installments.
From sculptures of robots to earrings, purses and paintings, found items were given a second chance.

Made from found objects provide by the art committee. First come, grab it and run! I grabbed what I could. It does light up with something that color and trim used. A sort of strobe light on paper. It also sits on a wire basket (not shown). 

  CCS 2018 ReView Alumni Exhibition  April - May 2018 "Center of Hope" "22 X 22" Digital Photo Montage 2018
 Prada Journal Online Instagram Contest"Inner Landscape" @pradajournal Feb 28th, 2018 
  Gallery 25N Online Exhibition/ International Artist"Shades of Green"July, 2017  "Green Day" Detroit Series, Photo montage

Colorida Art Gallery
Lisbon, Portugal 
June 9 - July 29 
Sadly, my work was hung up in customs and wasn't shown. They kind of held it hostage, kept hiking the fees? I have to say it was very disappointing, but a whole lot of lessons learned. Next time I'll  know how to ship where customs doesn't gouge you..

CCS Alumuni Group Exhibition April - March Valade Gallery, Detroit  CCS, 2017  

Linus Gallery, "Urban Show" March 30, 2017 Online
  GM DesignJan "Art of the Digital" 2017 

GM Design Holiday Show Dec 1st - Jan 3rd, 2016(I always look forward to this one) 

Linus Gallery Group Show "Urban" excited to have two pieces selected for this group show. 
 The Center for Fine Art Photography "Home Exhibition" 
400 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
exhibition dates are December 2th through January 7th, 2017 Honarable Mention Award for the Home exhibition  Below are is the image that was selected, and a couple images from the show, it was a beautiful gallery setting for the show. 

Gallery25N's  These two will be shown in the upcoming “RED 2” exhibition.
Exhibit: “RED2” will open at 

Selected artists for the group exhibit click link:

On line Exhibition. Theme was Landscapes
I'm honored to have taken 3rd place, please see link below.
Michigan Fine Arts Competition 
(BBAC) Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center
June 24th - August 26, 2016
5 States, 61 Cities, 102 Artist, 107 Works of Art
I'm proud to say both pieces I submitted were accepted.  Mother's Run and Deployment.
Re/VIEW: A CCS Alumni Exhibition
April 29th - May 25th, 2016
Juried by J.J Curis 
Director / Library Street Collective

It was an honor for me to receive Best in Show this year for my piece, I was completely overwhelmed. Humbled!
p.s: Thanks Kate and Woody for taking me to the opening. Wasn't sure I would be able to make it having just had surgery the day before. I was very happy to have been well enough to attend. Last year for the alumni exhibition (my first time showing) I had surgery the day of and could not make it.
"Weight of the World"
12" X 12"
Mixed Media

Art Link Contemporary Art Gallery
Ft Wayne, Indiana 
April 22nd - May 25th 
Small Art Show
The exhibit showcased work that was small in size but big on impact. I submitted two pieces, Over and Over Again, and Micro Housing. 
Micro House was selected.
5" x 3.5" x "4
Mixed Media 
Expression of Color
Design Gallery 
Feb 11 - March 17,  2016 opening  3-4:30 GM Design Gallery 
Sharon Kemp / Cal Navin
2015 Exhibitions  
Honorable Mention in the "Animals Wild or Domestic 2" competition
Dec 8, 2015  

GM Design Gallery, General Motors Technical Center Warren, MI
November 12- December 17th The last show of the year for me, I always look forward to this one. I'm showing these three pieces below.

Linus Gallery  
Los Angeles Art Galleries in Pasadena and Long Beach
LGBT Online Exhibition 
Click here to see the LGBT Show slideshow of accepted artists.
The piece I submitted was:
"Boy Girl Gender Queer"
16" x 4"x 4"
Plastic, Rubber, Steel  

This piece is about gender confusion and or conflict. The feeling of having both male and female aspects. Identifying as either all male or female, or M to F or F to M, or somewhere there in between. Feeling naked and exposed, but also feeling comfortable in your own skin.
Linus Art Galleries
Los Angeles Art Galleries in Pasadena and Long Beach
Current Juried Exhibition Winners/ 
Online Exhibition
One of the three I submitted was selected.
Title: "Secrets"  
Medium: Digital Photograph of a Sculpture I had made. Displayed next to the piece hangs a small metal box that contains a audio track.
24" X 24" Printed on Metallic Paper
Audio box 8" x 5" x 2"
Audio Track: Secrets
Track by: Cal Navin 
Voices of secrets read by:
Cal Navin, Karen Monster, Stephen Tennent

Secrets courtesy of Frank Warren, Project (all but 3) Audio >>>        
25" X 15" X 15"  
Linus Art Galleries   
Los Angeles Art Galleries in Pasadena and Long Beach

Current Juried Exhibition Winners/ 
Online Exhibition
Two pieces of mine were selected for the online exhibition
1.) Over and Over Again
2.) Deployment
 R Dixon Gallery
102 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY 13148
Exhibit Dates: June 3, 2015 thru July 6, 2015
By and About Women: celebrating the female spirit 
I did this piece while at CCS, it was created it in Adobe Illustrator. It's made up of words, phrases, and slang, anything that refers to a woman.  My friend Marty and I sat one day sipping coffee and thinking of all the words we could that applied.
"For, By and About"
 digital print
 31" x 18" (framed)

View Online Gallery :   
                          detail pdf (hard to photograph)

April 17th, 2015 - May 28th, 2015
Unfortunately,  I wasn't able to make it to the opening, finally, today two weeks later, a friend and I went to the show. Wonderful work by so many talented Detroit artist. This was my first alumni show. I was also pleased to have sold a piece.
always nice to see the stickers (sold)